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Singing is good for you!  Don't just take our word for it.  As well as being an aerobic activity, it has a positive effect on reducing stress, improving mental health and when you sing as part of a choir there's an increased sense of belonging to a community.


If that's not enough to persuade you to join us, we do like a good giggle!

Midhurst Community Choir formed in early 2017 and has had a big impact on the local community.  With sell-out concerts and a host of other local appearances, we're becoming well-known in West Sussex.

With a repertoire of pop, rock and show tunes there's something to appeal to everyone.

There's no need for you to read music, play an instrument or audition.

Come along to one of our Wednesday night rehearsals and give us a try, for free!  We're sure you'll love us.

Find out more in the About the Choir section.

Check out our News section for details of the 2024 Summer Concert.

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